there is so much to share. unfortunately, not about dreams with you and i can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing, but life is flashing before my eyes.

i have two nephews – Samuel and Rockwell. both beautiful boys, both with so much personality. although they didn’t come without tough love, they are being raised by my strong sisters. i think they’re doing great as mothers and they also have me as ninang 😉

oh! and i got engaged on Sept 3, 2016. but who didn’t see that coming? obviously me, because i was definitely surprised. i lived in LA for a month for my ortho rotation. i have to admit, i liked being in LA. despite the traffic, it has grown on me and i was actually considering moving there. maybe it’s the friends i’ve made there, maybe it’s all the fun you could have there. either way, LA ain’t so bad after all.

i finally graduated in front of all my family and best friends. i passed the hardest test of my life. and i reconnected with my mentor to find my first job in urgent care. Chad and i decided we will get married in Florence, Italy on May 24, 2018. we moved in together to a cute apartment in El Cerrito, and i can say it’s our little home. i just got the LASIK i always wanted, and i couldn’t be more happier with the results.

i am blessed and i thank God. but in life, there is always balance. sun-moon. ying-yang. good-bad. life-death. this year we lost my Uncle Sergio in Japan. my Uncle Arthur suffered a stroke and is recovering, however it is very difficult for him to swallow and eat by mouth. we had to put Buddha down because he had jaw cancer.

you can never be so high to be brought down to earth, and maybe through hell and back. life is filled with all kinds of surprises and it’s because of these last few years that i’m starting to learn that. perfection is a lost dream. everyone’s wrongs aren’t your rights. and it’s only you that can bring light to your own darkness, with hope it catches fire to the next. only you can forgive yourself and start again. only you determine the moment.

easier written than done, but because i can easily write that, i know i’m learning something. there is always chaos, but there is always inner peace.

i miss you Dad. all that has come to fruition is a reflection of your roots. Mom is retiring this year, so she will see you in God’s creations. i love you, see you soon.


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