Marine World

i had a dream about you, about a week ago. i was adamant about writing it down, but of course in the morning you realize what you have for the day and you start mentally preparing yourself and forget. these two months in internal med have been crazy but i’m happy you visited.

this dream was bittersweet. the fam was at marine world, now called six flags discovery kingdom. that used to be my middle school spot and it was actually my Dad who would drop us girls off and pick us up late at night. the fam was enjoying the day, and for some reason towards the end of the day, we just knew it was gonna be our “last time together”. we decided to ride the dinosaur ride, which i’m thinking was suppose to be Jurassic Park. funny how that detail slipped in. but it was bittersweet cause it seemed like it was the turning point where we all had to grow up. no more fantasy lands, no more perfect endings, because when you lose someone your world completely changes. life no longer glitters in gold, it just has a silver lining that is hard to see most days. when i was younger my parents enjoyed theme parks and were the best parents ever to bring us to these expensive places. it’s where you start your imagination and if you can find joy in things that are not real and are intangible, you start to realize it was all a set up to have faith in a world called heaven.

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