when i go on an international trip, i usually go home first, but since Mom is leaving for the Philippines too, it was kinda useless to go home before Guatemala.

but i’m so happy you visited me anyway. in my dream, i was welcomed home in your usual fashion – a big hug and the usual question “did you eat yet?”. you cooked up so many meats, it was very comparable to KBBQ. as i was trying to snapchat the glory of your cooking, you easily gave me the side eye. it was a perfect Flandez moment. even the pizza i’m eating while writing this is adding that longanisa smell.

seeing you in my dreams get a little easier each time. i don’t cry as long and it’s a little easier to understand that my tears aren’t because i’m sad but happy to see you again. i travel the world because of you. you gave me that traveling bug since our family road trips across America. i know you never got to travel outside of the U.S. and the Philippines, but everywhere i go i feel your presence and how excited you would get to see a monument, a sunrise, a beautiful flower. i bet the view from heaven is even more spectacular. miss and love you Dad.


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