soul food

i woke up around 6am hoping it was real. but no it was just my bladder acting up.

you were eating. it was a party, i forgot what we were celebrating. but i was with someone – maybe Jane or Jessa. with a plate filled w/ delicious Filipino food, you were talking to us and enjoying the one thing that takes you back home. just me trying to remember the dream (i kinda forgot again, fail) i can tell i get a lot of my facial expressions from you. the raising of the eyebrows. the side eye. when our mouth is full, the smirk and the nodding of the head. you were happy. happy to be around your girls.

although the holidays filled me with good home cooked food, there will be nothing like your cooking. i can’t believe it’s been over a year since tasting your fried chicken and afritada. also would like to tell you your beloved Chipotle is getting a bad rep with all these E. Coli outbreaks. i’m barely cooking but you know how it goes, PA school sucks without you.


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