Day 1 In

…and i couldn’t keep it together. this quarter is really going to test me. i don’t have a roommate to keep me company. Zulu and the girls can only keep my thoughts positive for so long. i’m not that close with my classmates and the ones in town, i don’t want to bother because of our different schedules. i really hope i can focus in and just pull through this last stretch of didactic year. it’s not like my classmates where they are all drained from the consecutive sessions. i’m actually probably at an advantage for having a break. i just don’t have the same interest in the material. my heart just isn’t in it like it was before. it doesn’t help that my program director, the woman that actually influenced my decision to go to school in Las Vegas, is retiring early. her husband, who is also my teacher, his cancer has spread. this story is all too familiar and i know what it means – time is of the essence and life is about to change in a flash. i’ve never doubted myself so much and i pray i can still do this.


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