what’s bad for your heart is good for your art

the other night i couldn’t stop crying. you see, i have these random episodes where it just hits me and sleep is not an option. usually wine can calm me down, but if need be, i take a valium. anxiety is no joke and now i see why people need it. but i can also see how it can be so addicting. while waiting for it to kick in, i decided to do something new than just lay down and stare at the ceiling. i put on my favorite lyricist Jhene Aiko on and floated away. i also got inspired to write and i took out my iPhone to type away my feelings. here it is…

The hurt and the pain

Is what I feel deeply at night

Knowing you’re not here

Makes it harder to fight

For happiness, for love

Even for life

Because without you here

Nothing seems right

I know you’re disappointed

I am too

You had so much more to offer

Why isn’t there a cure?

You fought, you tried

You did everything you could

Heaven just couldn’t wait

For someone like you

So I’m here

Trying to live

I’m pushing my boundaries

Just so I can feel 

My heart beat again

That sense of being alive

Give me whatever it takes

I need to feel that high

To be near you again

To feel happy again

To feel complete again

Until I start this dark circle all over again

what’s bad for your heart is good for your art. Daddy by Judith Flandez.


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