in the blink of an eye

i’ve probably thought and talked about this a million times over, but i’ll write about it this time, in hopes to make any more sense of it.

funny how fast your world can change. one minute everything is perfect and on track, the next minute you are back to square one but in the worst circumstances. i was powering through Session 2 and getting into the groove of things. you could say i was where i wanted to be – living my dream studying medicine, being away from home doing things my way, making plans, maintaining relationships that only distance can make that much sweeter. and i thought the worst already had come – my dad being diagnosed with TB. it was totally unexpected and sad, so much that he decided he shouldn’t come to my White Coat ceremony so that he could get better. and he did – nothing like a dedicated patient who takes his long list of antibiotics faithfully. and he was ready for the procedure that would treat his AFib. it was written in the stars for him to get better. 

until the dreadful day my family learned that the doctors “found something” and that he should be immediately hospitalized. this is when my world came crashing down and the words of my PA school director kept repeating in my head – “life happens when you’re in PA school”. away from home, i tried to keep calm and collected, using my PA mentality and friends to get through all the possibilities. i thank God for blessing me with such a supportive group of friends. i really can’t imagine getting through that rough patch in school without them and it’s something special i will always share with them. but studying medicine and getting through my dad’s open heart surgery just didn’t fit right. taking it one day at a time, i let all my fears go and let the happiness of a successful surgery take over. it was progress and it was something no one or anything could take from us. with Session 2 done and successfully completed as well, it was time for reflection. as hesitant as i was to leave the country during such a crazy time, it was everything i wanted. like i said in my previous post, i needed to be in the moment, to restore my faith in the world, to know that there are still beautiful things out there. then in another blink of an eye, when all my Costa Rican sunsets passed, came part two…


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