Japan – postcard

Kyoto is just beautiful. i only spent a weekend there, but from what i saw, it’s gorgeous. one thing i really loved about it was its accessibility to its natural surroundings and history. there’s so much more for me to see there though, i have to go back!

i would say my time in Kyoto was spent more with my family. i finally got to meet my mom’s brother, whom i’ve only talked to on the phone before, my auntie and other cousin. it was so humbling to see how excited my uncle and auntie were to meet me. i know it’s Japanese culture to stray away from family after marriage, but i could tell she was so excited for family to visit. they are such generous people, and i’m blessed to have spent some time with them. 

i took lots of pictures of them, since i know they all probably don’t even care about a camera as we Americans do. but i knew that these types of moments don’t happen too often that i must capture it more so for them. after i got back home to Vegas, i immediately sent them all thank you cards along with developed pictures of my trip, especially of their family. i know it’s not much compared to the generosity they gave me, but i just hope it’s a reminder for them of our family.

just a few days ago i received a postcard from my auntie thanking me for the pictures and updating me on the weather in Japan. it’s amazing what a short, sweet, written letter can do to your day and even your relationship with family you never thought you would meet. i’m so glad i made the trek over there. i definitely learned a lot about myself, what it is to be alone, to be in a completely new place, and the blessing of a family.


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