Japan – city life

right when i thought New York City living space is small, wait until you see Tokyo living space. despite the shocking size, my cousin’s place was rather cute and cozy with girly decor, an obvious sign for her love for fashion and Paris. it was quite inspiring actually. although i wish i could devote all my time to decorating my apartment with my favorite things, i simply don’t have the time and money YET. so definitely saving that moment of inspiration for my future home.

next up, transportation. again, i thought the New York City subway system was crazy. oh how i was wrong. obviously one of my first big worries upon getting to Tokyo was handling the intimidating train system, on top of not being able to read Japanese. luckily, Tokyo is English friendly and use keywords to guide the confused. luckily, my cousin took a day off to show me  how to work it for my days alone. it was definitely a challenge, but in exchange i got to people watch ever so closely. as you know, Tokyo is home to more than 5 million people so the trains are always packed. and of course touristy me can’t help but notice everyone’s demeanor and style. you got the business men in their fitted suits, the elderly figuring out their way, the effortless women in their high heels, and the giggly children free from school, taking on the latest manga or video game. it was brilliant to see such an array of people and where exactly their final destination was.

the city life was not much different from what i already know. tall sky scrapers and an abundance of shops with districts all holding their own personality. my personal favorite is Harujuku, with not only international boutiques but also shops from which Harujuku girls get their famous and wicked style from. although i will admit that most of the time i felt under dressed. once again, a moment of inspiration. another part that i loved about Harujuku was that it was near beautiful Yoyogi Park, with it tranquil Meiji shrine, a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. however, you could see this pattern in most of the districts of Tokyo where a magnificent metropolis with modern trimmings surround a root to Japan’s history. it’s beautiful really and it’s one of the things i appreciate about Tokyo. the culture never leaves despite how far they’ve come in world industries. i guess that too is another moment of inspiration, at least for the future version of myself.


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