Japan – airports

i wish i could be the type to recall every detail of my trip, but at this point (1 week after), i’m kinda lost for words. my pictures tell a better story, so i will just write about the most memorable things.

airports – i love em, but i hate em. i love the excitement they give me before traveling, but i also dread the goodbyes that come with it. it was a sad feeling to see Zulu go a different way, knowing that this would be my first international trip alone and that we won’t be able to share it together. that moment also made me realize how alone i would be. when i arrived at Narita airport, i expected my cousin Tamaki to be there as i walk out. unfortunately she was running late so i had to wait in a place where i couldn’t read a single damn thing on the wall (well i won’t lie, there was some English). i tried not to freak out as the time passed. when she finally arrived, i was so relieved and at that moment i just knew my trip was going to be amazing.

well, as much as i would love to finish this in one sitting, i can’t because sleep is calling and life of a PA student is hectic. therefore, to be continued…


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