session 1

today officially marks the last day of session 1. but to be honest, i’ve been checked out since Tuesday after our last big test in Immuno. but wow was that fast! i haven’t really described what this session has been like for me, so i guess now is a good time to recap.

i can say for myself and probably for most people that the beginning of the session was great. i was really motivated, organized, and focused. but towards the end, all that and my stamina was tested. it could of been the good grades that made me slack off, or short vacays here and there, but never in my education was i so drained and numb to information. i could say it was very similar to Berkeley, but the intake of information was just different. at Berkeley, i could study just as much but it was on material that sometimes didn’t make sense, very research oriented, and less straight forward. here, it’s the exact opposite. the challenge was how to persuade my brain in absorbing more information, even though i had this feeling it was telling me NO MORE. it was tough at the end, but i’m glad i got to experience it to prepare me for what seems like an even tougher session 2.

luckily, i have a great study group that turns out to be a great group of friends. friends that i could have long lasting relationships with. see the downside of PA school is that you’re in class with these folks for only 1 year, and then you leave for rotations. people could easily just be present and forget, especially at this pace with our daunting schedules. but that’s not me. i live for memorable times, interesting conversations, and balance. i could not imagine myself just studying and keeping to myself. so i’m really blessed to share the journey with a very diverse group that has a chemistry unlike others. couldn’t imagine getting through it without them. i learned a lot from them, and i hope they learned something from me.

with that said, you also meet people with different perspectives and views on life. it’s really interesting to watch and hear the thought processes of other people. i can say i don’t agree with everyone in my class – either on their approach, opinions, personality, etc – but that’s something i’ve always known. you can’t win them all, and with those types you just respect them and move on. i don’t have to be best of friends with everyone, but i am the type to be kind and SOMEWHAT understanding. i guess my tolerance for people is a little higher than others, but i won’t lie, i do have a breaking point. i just don’t really know anyone in my class to pass judgements. i literally just met everyone 3 months ago. so as long as they’re not affecting me and my character, i will just let them be. we all take different paths and learn different lessons at different times. so i let karma handle the rest.

anyways, i’m off to check out Fremont St tonight. sometimes i still can’t believe that i live in the Las Vegas area. with my history, it’s perfect for me (or is it? lol). i’m excited because i hear it has this Oakland/SF vibe. so we shall see!


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