the move

June 27, 2013

so i just finished watching Beyonce’s Life Is But A Dream documentary, and it kinda helped me come to terms with my move this Friday. i’ve been getting anxious knowing that after this move nothing will ever be the same. and it has nothing to do with distance. i know home is only a short flight away. i know i’ll be back in a couple of months or so. what i don’t know is what’s next. i have no idea what PA school is gonna be like, because i have no close friends who ever went. i don’t know what it’s gonna feel like to live alone. i don’t know how fast these next 2 years will be, and what kind of life decisions i will have to face. when you’ve worked so hard for so long, you naturally do this. you think ahead, you strategize.

but i think at this point i can’t really do that. it’s more than that. because when you’re finally living your dream, it’s not even work anymore. well yes, i’m sure i have to plan some aspect of my life, but it’s less daunting to do so knowing i love everything about my life right now. so i guess im a little bit more excited. not quite all the way there, but just a little bit.


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