September 12, 2013

and i’m not studying tonight. actually i don’t think i’ve studied all this week. Monday was our last day of continuous exams, and from here on out it’s lecture up until finals mid-October. this could be really bad or really good. right now, it’s bad because i haven’t had any motivating factor to get ahead. maybe it’s because i was so high on life when my sister came into town, or maybe it’s because i’m doing pretty well in my classes that i don’t feel the pressure. whatever it is, i will say i’m burnt out, jaded even. it really sucks though to start Neuroanatomy after all these exams. while i am very lucky to have studied it as my major, i feel like the timing isn’t doing the subject any justice. it is one of the most fascinating subjects out there (or well i think it is haha) and to see my classmates get annoyed by it because it’s very dense and complicated during an exhausting time, makes me sad. i wish it was a course in itself at a different time just so we can appreciate the one very thing that makes us who we are.

in other news, i was able to do some non-class things today. i joined inTUN, the acapella group, to keep up with my voice and as a stress reliever. i also had suture clinic, which was a fun way to learn some necessary skills in a chill environment. all very out of the norm for me.

i will eventually get back in the zone, probably this weekend. just need some sleep and the simple things. can’t wait to be home next weekend and really rejuvenate myself for the last stretch of my first session.

PS – 4 years next week. can you believe it?


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