May 13, 2012

i don’t think i ever blogged about graduation and since it is officially my 1 year since, what better time to do it than now.

some of my highlights …

  • bearing the very last final of the week with a good friend, Marky to be exact
  • seeing my name in HUGE PINK letters when walking into Edwards, family and friends sitting all together
  • pouring rain at MCB graduation. supposedly a sign of good luck? it was fun anyway!
  • Zulu surprising me with a poster of when i was a baby
  • taking a shot in Stanley with my fellow MCBers. that felt so good!
  • not remembering i sang at my graduation party. how did i do that?
  • being HELLA hungover at Pil Grad, yacking in Wheeler. typical rock star.
  • and being able to watch other grads get fucked up at Grad Bash while eating chicken wings HAHA priceless.

and now, i’ll be going through that same process of school again, starting with applications due in the summer. as a post-grad, you really have this big feeling of uncertainty and you just don’t know where you’re gonna head. it’s this gap that really questions your motivation. but you just gotta live each day and keep what’s important to you close because it will eventually lead you to where you ought to be.


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